Empty Battery Shell Accessory

An empty battery shell is a popular accessory for those who regularly take shorter rides. The shell will replace one battery on your Flluid. Which will allow you to travel with less weight and charge your other battery while you ride.


These parts are color matched to 2020 Matte finish Flluid only at this time. Please email fuell@fuell.us if you are interested in a battery shell color matched to a 2021 gloss finish Flluid.

Color :
2020 Matte Blue
2020 Matte Gold
2020 Matte Dark red
2020 Matte Rose Gold
2020 Matte Silver
2020 Matte Dark grey
2021 Gloss Blue
2021 Gloss Dark Red
2021 Gloss Dark Grey
2021 Gloss Silver