Flluid is not your ordinary e-bike. the Flluid is designed to compete with e-bikes costing over $7,000, while offering a level of integration and styling not seen before. It's packed with the latest features, the best components, one of the largest batteries in the market, and the most power assistance when pedalling.

Flluid comes in 2 versions: Flluid-1 with assistance up to 20 mph (US). The Flluid-1 is known as a "Pedelec" or Class 1 e-bike; and Flluid-1S with assistance up to 28 mph (US). The Flluid-1S is known as an "S-Pedelec" a "Speedbike" or a Class 3 e-bike. Pedelec means assistance to pedalling up to 20 mph (US). S-Pedelec means assistance up to 28 mph (US). Check your local regulation to see what your jurisdiction allows.

Yes, we have 2 sizes - M (best for those from 5’3’’ to 6’1’’) and L (best for those from 5’9’’ to 6’6’’) - the seat height is adjustable with a 20cms/8 inches range. Other than seat height, the frames are very similar, so seat height is the primary way to choose your frame.

A torque sensor measures the amount of force that is put on the crank, and provides a precise response from the motor when the rider pedals. What you put in is in proportion to what you get out. This pure torque sensor provides smoother acceleration and intuitive pedal assistance. Torque sensors are more expensive than cadence sensors, but the improvement in ride quality is worth it.

Yes, you can get up to 125 miles of pedal assistance with Flluid, thanks to its powerful 1004KWh battery pack and 5 different assistance levels. Now you will get less if you're selecting the highest level of assistance and "ride hard and fast" - still, you'll be amazed how much range you'll get. Our co-founder Erik Buell rode his Flluid-1S across Wisconsin - ask us about his trip at fuell@fuell.us


For US orders, your Flluid is shipped requiring minimal assembly.  The ship date is the best current estimate of when your Flluid will be picked up by the carrier from our warehouse. Once your Flluid is picked up, most are delivered within 14 days, however Spring and Summer delivery times may exceed 21 days.

Yes, we ship worldwide. Please make sure that you select a Flluid-1 or Flluid-1S to comply with local regulations and registration requirements. We have warehouses in Europe and the US and can ship from those locations. Please contact us to confirm shipping costs at fuell@fuell.us

US Customers have their FUELL Flluid is shipped fully assembled via "white glove" carrier with minimal assembly required.  This takes a little longer than UPS, but is worth the wait. 

Shipping within the continental US, and the EU, is included in the price of the FUELL Flluid. For shipping to other locations, please contact us. For Express shipping please contact us.


Contact us via chat (on the bottom right of your screen), or via email HERE. FUELL has a team of technicians with experience riding and supporting Flluid riders. We find that most issues can be quickly remedied either via email or with a short phone call, and we usually respond within a few minutes if we are not on a call with another customer. 

If repair is needed, our components are supplied by Shimano, Tektro, Suntour, Gates, and Pirelli, most local bike shops can quickly and easily service your Flluid. You can find a list of exceptional local bike shops through our fulfilment partner beelineconnect.com

Accessories are available on our accessories page HERE, and spare parts can be purchased by contacting FUELL HERE

Your FUELL Flluid is shipped fully assembled through our white glove motorcycle carrier partner. The experience is fantastic, and this service takes about 14 days from scheduled pickup to delivery. 

Because your Flluid is delivered fully assembled by a white glove motorcycle carrier, you will be able to ride your Flluid immediately. If not, contact us HERE.


FUELL is an international team, headquartered in NYC with offices in the US and Europe. To learn more about our team please click HERE

The components for the Flluid are sourced from the US, Japan, Europe, China and Taiwan. Manufacturing and final assembly is done both in Wisconsin (US) and Germany.

FUELL has developed and is manufacturing the Flluid-2, Flluid-3 and Folld-1 electric bicycles, and offers a number of accessories for those e-bikes. FUELL is developing the Fllow electric motorcycles with first deliveries estimated for 4th quarter of 2024.


FUELL is excited to offer demo rides in NYC, Miami, Wisconsin, Santa Cruz, Pittsburgh, Paris, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands at all times. We can offer demo rides in other locations as well, so please contact us via chat or HERE and we will set up a test ride for you. 

Yes! The Flluid-1 is available to rent for wine tours through our friends at Drouhin (https://www.drouhin-oenotheque.com) and through various peer-to-peer bicycle share sites.


FUELL will support with manuals, spare parts and technical support the (e)bike shop of your choice. If you don't have a preferred (e)bike shop, check the network of Beeline as they offer an exceptional level of service to customers across the US.

You can find instructions for removing the front wheel of your Flluid in the owners manual HERE and the rear wheel of your Flluid HERE.  If you would prefer some assistance, there are thousands of local bike shops across the Country who can easily work on your Flluid, which is built with industry standard components like Tektro Brakes, a Shimano Hub, a Gates Belt drive, and Suntour suspension. Please contact us HERE if you need help identifying a shop.