FUELL x VELDT Carbon E-bike helmet - JET

Every feature of the FUELL x VELDT carbon helmet is about safety and comfort. Because the helmet is close-fitting, it’s incredibly flattering. The carbon fiber shell offers maximum protection for minimum weight. And thanks to the innovative fastening system, the helmet can easily be fitted with a flip-up shield, ear muffs, ski google holders and a chinguard that offers the ultimate protection to your smile.

This lightweight and protective carbon helmet meets standards and certification for e-bike (28mph), cycling, skiing and downhill mountain biking when equipped with its chinguard. It is equipped with the Mips® protection technology, which helps redirect forces away from the head. It also has reflective vents that enhance your visibility in low-light conditions..

Delivered with a Class-1 optical quality visor, removable ear muffs and a system for holding your ski goggles. The Fidlock closure system seamlessly combines the ease of magnetic attraction with the strength of a mechanical closure. Interior made from recycled materials adjustable to the millimeter using a scroll wheel, and screws made out of titanium which are strong, corrosion-resistant, and biocompatible.

10 year warranty. If not in stock, 8 to 10 week delivery.

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