Production and regulatory update - EU

April 04, 2023 1 min read

Dear backers - we have good news!

We wanted to send you a brief update regarding EU Flluids.  

EU approval for the Flluid-1S has been granted.  We have the EEC Approval Number 13*168/2013*00842*00 and are awaiting final paperwork, which should arrive shortly. We have printed regulatory labels, and will be generating COC's as quickly as possible.

The current EU container has been released. The container is expected to arrive at our logistics facility on Friday. We expect to send out VAT invoices for backers whose Flluids are in that container on Friday or early next week.

For backers who have a Flluid-1S that is already in the EU warehouse.  We have received all regulatory parts at our warehouse. We will instal these parts, and the regulatory labels on your Flluids as quickly as possible.

When will backers get their Flluid-1S in the EU? We will ship each bike out as quickly as we can. Based on current staffing and courier availability, we hope to ship out most Flluids by the end of April. Our logistics partners (warehouse, shipping companies,…) have been impacted by the current public health crisis, and we are working hard together to ship out your Flluids quickly.

Thank you as always for your support.

The Fuell team