Production and delivery update - FUELL Flluid

April 04, 2023 3 min read

Update from the FUELL Team,

We wanted to take this opportunity, as always, to thank all of you for your continued support and patience. Many of you and all members of the FUELL team have been impacted by the public health crisis circling the globe. We hope you and your families are safe in these times of crisis.  

We are all practicing various levels of social distancing, while still working to bring your Flluids to you. As you know, some of our team members are in NYC and in major cities in Europe, they are all safe and working from home. Our logistics partners and most of our suppliers continue to be impacted by the public health crisis which will impact the speed at which we can work, and at times our ability to provide certain parts or services quickly. We will continue to provide updates as we have updated information on various matters.

EU approval for the Flluid-1S is still pending.  We have been in contact with the regulator. Our understanding is that the regulator is impacted but still processing applications, and that we will either have an approval or further request from the regulator this week. As you all know, FUELL developed the Flluid-1 Pedelec, and the Flluid-1S Speed-Pedelec. Most Flluid-1 backers have received their bikes, with about 15 Flluid-1 backers’ bikes in the current container. We cannot ship any Flluid-1S ebikes to EU backers until we receive EU approval and are able to issue certificates of conformity. 

The current EU container has arrived in Antwerp, is being processed, and we expect that it will be released by the end of this week. As we said before, our logistics partners have been impacted and are working through some delays. The Flluids in the container will ship as soon as we are able. To do we expect to send out VAT invoices for backers whose Flluids are in that container this week or early next week, and hope to ship those bikes late next week (Flluid-1 are able to ship as soon as VAT invoices are paid, Flluid-1S ebikes out as soon as we can issue certificates of conformity and VAT invoices are paid).  

For backers who have a Flluid-1S that is already in the EU warehouse.  We have received all regulatory parts we expect the EU to approve at our warehouse, and are waiting for updated regulatory labels. We will have these installed on your Flluids as soon as everything arrives, however staffing at our warehouse is limited and there may be a delay getting you your Flluid-1S. We will do our best to minimize any delay. 

A short note about the US. We delivered about 90 Flluids to US backers in the first week of March.  Those Flluids are being used for high speed social distancing. We had some shipping damage, and have either shipped, or have ordered replacement parts for those damages Flluids. Our logistics partner has been impacted by the public health crisis, and there will be delays related to this impact. Replacement parts orders are also encountering supplier delays, so please bear with us while we work through those. If our US backers are having any issues, please contact us at

A note about the current production run. About 50 backers bikes are being built in the current production run. Supply chain disruptions continue in Asia, and we expect those bikes to be complete in late April for shipment to the US and EU with arrival dates estimated for late May or early June.

A note about communication.  If you have a question about your Flluid that has been delivered, please contact us at where we can track that request. If you have a question about a Flluid that has not been delivered, please check the updates related to your location and model. If there is anything unclear, please contact us at We will do our best to respond to all inquiries as quickly as we are able. 


Thank you again for your support, and please stay safe. 


The FUELL Team