Update on EU Flluids, and US Flluids shipping and delivered

April 04, 2023 2 min read

Dear Backers.

We wanted to thank you all again for your continued support, and send a follow up to our most recent update. As we mentioned, our manufacturing and delivery schedules have been impacted by the Corona virus. This impact has primarily slowed down component orders, and the lack of components will impact certain delivery schedules. Supply chains from all manufacturers have been put in stress because some factories did not reopen in China or were missing a large percentage of workers, and they are taking time to ramp back up. 

The US container arrived at our logistics partner six days ago, after a delay clearing customs and shipping. A number of Flluid owners in the midwest have received their bikes already, and the others have tracking information, and/or have been contacted by our assembly/fulfilment partner Beeline that their bikes will be assembled and ready for pick up next week.  If those backers have any issues, please email us at fuell@fuell.us.  

Delayed EU Flluid-1S. As we mentioned in our last update, there are still about 70 Flluid-1S in our warehouse in Belgium awaiting certification approval documents and compliance parts. Regarding the certification documents: we have been in contact with the regulators and are cautiously optimistic that we will receive approval shortly. Once that is done, we can print and execute COC's quickly. Regarding the parts. We have received some of these parts, the balance have been expedited and are due to ship out via air on March 27th.  Francois-Xavier has been in Europe this week making sure that we have the manpower to install the parts and have those bikes shipped out as quickly as possible. We do not expect these bikes to ship out before April 2nd, but are doing everything we can to move that date up. 

The EU container that is on the water. Our shipping agent has advised us that they expect a delay in shipment, and now estimate that it will get to us about 10 days later, assuming some time in customs, our best estimate is that we receive those bikes on the 4th of April. We will be in contact with these backers shortly. The component delay will not impact these Flluid-1S but any further delay in certification will. 

Final Indiegogo production run. We expect that the production run with the last 50 Indiegogo Flluids will be complete in late April. We will post a further update as components arrive and we schedule final assembly.  We expect those final backers from September and October, will receive their Flluids in May.    

Thank you all for your support

The FUELL Team